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>> okay, we're just about ready to get started here. if everybody could gather round
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a little bit. my name is olson lee. i'm the director of the mayor's office of housing. and this is a great day, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> it's a great day. and one of the things about anything that we do in san francisco is that it does take a whole village, and we have a whole village here. and it's about a sense of partnership that we are able to celebrate. and i really want to emphasize celebration, because this is the first phase of the first phase of many projects like this in san francisco. (applause) >> and this is something that is an only in san francisco development where we're rebuilding distressed public housing for the current residents, and doing this in a way that is -- contributes to
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the neighborhoods. it contributes to the health and welfare of the existing families and invites new families and creates complete neighborhoods. and only in san francisco are we willing to take on this task to really change the lives of the current residents and preserve affordable housing for all future residents so that we in san francisco have a diverse community. so, we have a very short program today to acknowledge many of the people who have participated in this development. it has been a partnership, as we have talked about. it is a partnership of many city departments. it's been a partnership of many nonprofits and a partnership of many individuals. and it's been a partnership with the residents. and, so, i would like to start the program by introducing mayor lee, who is responsible
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for, among many things, the housing e trust fund which will ensure the work we start here today will continue into the future. mayor lee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, olson. and thank you for your leadership and work on this as well. everybody, thank you for coming out today. i know it's cold, but it feels really, really warm. and as carlos and miguel just showed me -- ask these are of course the two youngest of the five kids that alice gutierrez has. thank you very much. [cheering and applauding] >> alice, you and the family know better than i do that the bunkers that were built in the '50s that represented hunters view for many, many years were actually built for the military housing back in those years. they weren't really meant for long-term dignified respectful housing that this community deserves. and, so, you are part of the first of 25 families that are in this initial phase of a
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whole 107 units that will be completed in may. and thanks to all of our partners as olson continues to repay. i just want to emphasize this is the first phase. supervisor malia cohen and i are going to be working hard with many of you here today for a long time. this is something we've dreamed of and i know you dreamed of it just in terms of being able to live in san francisco, afford it here. your kids are so happy to see their rooms and all their giants posters and the views of the bay. but we also want to assure you that we're just beginning to complete a really long-held promise, malia, that you and i and other supervisors have made. and we signalled that back when gavin was mayor. he made the bold announcement back in 2006, with the board of supervisors as a whole, that knowing that it was r

January 19, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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